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Villains in Timothy Dalton Bond Movie

Villains in Timothy Dalton Bond Movie

Dario – Benicio Del Toro  Licence To Kill (1989)

 Benicio Del ToroBenicio Del Toro 1 

Dario assists Franz Sanchez when he travels to collect his mistress Lupe Lamorain the pre-title sequence. Found in bed with another man, Sanchez asks Lupe if the man promised her his heart, at which he tells Dario to give her his heart. While Sanchez then whips Lupe, the man’s screams are heard off-screen. On the evening of Felix Leiter’s wedding, Sanchez breaks into his house and after beating up Felix, Dario kills Felix’s wife, Della. Felix is then taken to Milton Krest’s marine research company where he is gruesomely fed to a shark while Dario eagerly watches.

Franz Sanchez – Robert Davi  Licence To Kill (1989)

 Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi)Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) 1

Sanchez is a Central American drug lord running his own empire in the fictitious nation of Isthmus City. Owner of a large luxury estate, protected by an army of henchmen and controller of the city President, Sanchez has either bribed, intimidated or killed most of the city’s officials.Sanchez learns that Bond is a former British agent, he sets up Milton Krest to be killed. Bond is then invited along to see the heart of Sanchez’s operation where Dario spots him. Leaving Dario to make sure Bond becomes chopped into tiny pieces, Sanchez abandons the plant with Truman-Lodge and various henchmen.

General Georgi Koskov – Jeroen Krabbé  The Living Daylights (1987)

Georgi Koskov 1 Georgi Koskov 

General Georgi Koskov is a high-ranking Soviet mastermind who schemes with Brad Whitaker in a plan to make them very wealthy. Whitaker uses the payment of an arms deal with the Russians to buy a large amount of raw opium to be sold in America. In Afghanistan Koskov double-crosses Kara locking both her and Bond in a prison cell. They manage to escape and with the help of Kamran Shahand the local resistance, dispose of the drugs Koskov and Brad Whitaker were planning to sell in America.

 Necros  – Andreas Wisniewski  The Living Daylights (1987)

 NecrosNecros 1

His first priority is to see that Koskov is brought safely to Brad Whitaker’s Tangier estate from the safe house in England, where Koskov is being held by the British Secret Service. He completes this mission by disguising himself as a milkman.

Brad Whitaker – Joe Don Baker The Living Daylights (1987)

 Brad WhitakerBrad Whitaker 1 

Brad Whitaker is an American arms dealer who thinks of himself as a military genius. Expelled from West Point for cheating, Whitaker has an obsession with the tactics of famous wars, and sees himself as a military general. Bond visits Whitaker where he confronts him about blowing up the opium. During an exciting battle Whitaker uses the latest assault rifles, where Bond’s gun is useless. However he manages to gain the upper hand by using the Q Branch keyring to topple a statue of Wellington killing Whitaker.