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Villains in Sean Connery Bond Movie

Villains in Sean Connery Bond Movie

Tee Hee – Julius W Harris  Live And Let DieMr Wint – Bruce Glover Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Bruce GloverBruce Glover 1

The first half of a murderous duo, Mr Wint and Mr Kidd appear throughout Diamonds Are Forever murdering anyone who comes into contact with the diamonds after they have done their part in the diamond smuggling operation. They make a couple of attempts on Bond’s life, unsuccessfully.

Mr Kidd – Putter Smith  Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

 Putter SmithPutter Smith 1

Fiendish killers who use inventive ways to kill their targets, Mr Wint And Mr Kidd are mainly characters used for comical effect. Wint and Kidd make one more attempt to kill Bond. Pretending to be waiters, Wint is caught out by Bonds knowledge of wines. He suspects the pairs identity from Wint’s aftershave smelt before. When they know the game is up, Kidd sets some skewers alight, but Bond manages to turn Kidd into a human fireball who quickly throws himself overboard.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Charles Gray  Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Charles GrayCharles Gray 1

The fourth actor to play the role of Blofeld, the pre-title sequence is concerned with Bond killing Blofeld for the death of his wife, Teresa Di Vicenzo. After Bond kills who he thinks is Blofeld (very easily), he encounters the real Blofeld much later in the film who has stolen the identity of Willard Whyte.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Donald Pleasance  You Only Live Twice (1967)

 Ernst Stavro BlofeldErnst Stavro Blofeld 1

You Only Live Twice sees the first time the face of Ernst Stavro Blofeld is actually seen, after appearing in From Russia With Love and Thunderball behind screens. Featuring quite late in the film, Blofeld famously gives his introduction questioning Bond on his supposed death, taking pleasure to tell him “You only live twice Mr Bond”.

Emilio Largo – Adolfo Celi – Thunderball (1965)

 Emilio LargoEmilio Largo 1

A high-ranking SPECTRE agent, Largo is assigned the task of stealing two nuclear weapons from a NATO Vulcan bomber that will be used to hold the UK and the USA to ransom. Other SPECTRE agents Fiona Volpe and Count Lippeundertake a plan to steal the nuclear bombs by killing NATO pilot Francois Derval and replacing him with a identical twin Angelo Palazzi, who has undertook extensive plastic surgery.

Count Lippe – Guy Doleman Thunderball (1965)

 Guy DolemanGuy Doleman 1

Count Lippe another SPECTRE agent, is involved with Fiona Volpe and Angelo Palazzi in the plot to kill Major Francois Derval and replace him with Angelo Palazzi, a double of Derval who has undertook extensive plastic surgery. Later Lippe tries to kill Bond whilst he is on the traction table by sending the table into full speed. Luckily Patricia Fearing manages to rescue him, and he manages to get his own back when he later traps Lippe inside a steam machine.

Angelo Palazzi – Paul Stassino Thunderball (1965)

Angelo PalazziAngelo Palazzi 1

Hired by SPECTRE to steal nuclear bombs by impersonating Major François Derval, who is scheduled to accompany a test flight carrying nuclear bombs.

Auric Goldfinger – Gert Fröbe  Goldfinger (1964)

 Auric GoldfingerAuric Goldfinger 1 

Bond follows Goldfinger to his factory later in the film in Switzerland. After scouting the factory at night, Bond hears Goldfinger mention ‘Operation Grandslam’, two words that save Bond’s life later. Later he meets Tilly Masterson and manages to evade Goldfinger’s men in his Aston Martin DB5. After putting a number of cars out of the picture, Bond runs out of road and is trapped by Oddjob and Goldfinger’s henchmen. When Oddjob kills Tilly, Bond is escorted back to Goldfinger’s factory, where after a car chase, Bond is captured by Goldfinger and strapped to a table made of gold with a laser pointing down at him. Bond’s life is spared during this famous scene, after he convinces Goldfinger he knows about Operation Grandslam.

Oddjob – Harold Sakata  Goldfinger (1964)

Oddjob (Harold Sakata)Oddjob (Harold Sakata) 1

When Bond plays golf with Auric Goldfinger he is confronted by Oddjob serving as Goldfinger’s caddy. Henchman to Goldfinger, Oddjob helps him cheat at golf when he loses his golf ball. Goldfinger tries to persuade Bond to stay out of his affairs by telling Oddjob to provide a demonstration. Oddjob then proceeds to throw his metal rimmed hat at a stone statue cutting off it’s head.

Donald ‘Red’  – Robert Shaw  From Russia With Love (1963)

Donald RedDonald Red 1

During the pre-title sequence Grant and Bond are seen trying to track and then kill each other. After Grant successfully kills Bond using his garrotting wire watch, it is revealed that the man killed was wearing a mask to look identical to Bond, all part of a training exercise.

Rosa Klebb – Lotte Lenya  From Russia With Love (1963)

Rosa KlebbRosa Klebb 1

Rosa Klebb is given the task of executing Kronsteen’s plan to steal a RussianLEKTOR and execute Bond. Klebb recruits Tatiana Romanova, who believes she is still working for SMERSH, and that she is doing a mission for her country. Klebb also recruits Donald ‘Red’ Grant for the role of executing 007.

Dr. Julius No – Joseph Wiseman Dr No (1962)

Dr. Julius NoDr. Julius No 1

Sending the Three Blind Mice to kill him, first by attempting to shoot Bond, and then by running him off the road. Instructs Professor Dent to put a tarantula in Bond’s bed.

Professor R. J. Dent – Anthony Dawson  Dr No (1962)

DentDent 1

After Commander Strangways makes the mistake of getting Dent to check his rock samples taken from Crab key, Dent arranges for ‘The Three Blind Mice’ to kill him.