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Villains in Roger Moore Bond Movie

Villains in Roger Moore Bond Movie 

Max Zorin – Christopher Walken A View To A Kill (1985) 

max zorinmax zorin 1

Zorin is first seen when he picks up May Day after she has jumped off the Eiffel Tower, and then during the horse race. Bond doesn’t meet Zorin however until he visits his Château in France alongside Sir Godfrey Tibbett to investigate Zorin’s connections with the KGB. When May Day identifies Bond as the man at the Eiffel Tower, Zorin makes a number of unsuccessful attempts to kill Bond.

Grischka – Anthony Meyer  Octopussy (1983)

 Anthony Meyer

Bond and Grischka fight atop Octopussy’s Circus train where they fall off and continue the fight into the woods. Grischka then pins Bond to a wooden door of a shed-like building with knifes. As he gets ready to throw the final knife, Bond opens the door causing Grischka to fall inside. Bond then throws a knife into his back.

Gobinda – Kabir Bedi  Octopussy (1983)

 Kabir BediKabir Bedi 1

Gobinda is the personal henchman to Kamal Khan. After Bond wins Kamal’s fixed game of backgammon, Gobinda crushes the loaded dice with his bare hands.

Kamal Khan – Louis Jourdan  Octopussy (1983)

 Louis JourdanLouis Jourdan 1 

An aristocratic smuggler of gems based in Delhi, Kamal Khan is a devious yet sophisticated villain. Bond wins a fixed game of backgammon with Khan, where he tells him to “Spend the money quickly, Mr Bond”. As Bond leaves, he givesGobinda orders to kill him.

 General Orlov – Steven Berkoff  Octopussy (1983)

 General OrlovGeneral Orlov 1

General Orlov is the aggressive, hot-tempered, power crazed Communist hardliner who wants the Soviet Union to invade Western Europe. Orlov is aptly shot by Soviet border guards as he tries to cross the border and reach Octopussy’s train that Bond has boarded.

Emile Leopold Locque –  Michael Gothard  For Your Eyes Only (1981)

 Michael GothardMichael Gothard 1

A known enforcer in the Brussels underworld, Locque is a cold-blooded convicted murderer that escapes from prison by strangling his psychiatrist. After failing to kill Bond on a number of occasions, Locque kills Luigi Ferrara waiting in Bond’sLotus Esprit Turbo when he visits Bibi Dahl to bid her farewell.

Aristotle Kristatos – Julian Glover  For Your Eyes Only (1981)

 Julian GloverJulian Glover 1

Formerly working with Columbo in the Greek resistance against the Nazis, Kristatos is decorated with the King’s Medal. Kristatos attempts to put Bond on the wrong track by attributing all the crimes he commits to his arch-enemy Milos Columbo instead.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld – John Hollis For Your Eyes Only (1981)

 John HollisJohn Hollis 1 

The bald-headed villain Bond faces is actually the personification of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is unnamed in the film due to the legal dispute between Kevin McClory, and Eon Productions over the Thunderball copyrights. Appearing in a wheelchair (possibly a hint at Bond’s last confrontation with Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever), with the famous white cat, and wearing similar clothes to previously seen, there is no denying who this character is supposed to be.Appearing in the pre-title sequence this familiar looking character takes overBond’s helicopter whilst it is travelling back to MI6.

 Hugo Drax –  Michael Lonsdale  Moonraker (1979)

 Sir Hugo DraxSir Hugo Drax 1

Billionaire Hugo Drax owns Drax Industries who construct space shuttles. He planed to Planning to cook Bond and Dr Holly Goodhead by placing them underneath Moonraker 5 before it lifts off, Drax fails once more when they just manage to escape through a ventilation shaft, thanks to Bond’s exploding watch.

 Richard KielRichard Kiel 1

At over 7 foot 2 inches, Jaws towers above everyone else. With a mouthful of metal teeth, he certainly has the image to match too. Seemingly invincible, Jaws manages to survive a large number of setbacks and situations that no one else does.Jaws’ mission to eliminate anyone who comes into contact with the microfilm containing the submarine tracking system is very successful.

Karl Stromberg – Curt Jurgens  The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Karl StrombergKarl Stromberg 1 

Stromberg first meets Bond when Naomi brings him and Major Anya Amasovato Atlantis. Pretending to be a marine biologist, Bond has to think quickly when Stromberg tries to catch him out naming a certain type of aquatic life. After leaving, Stromberg issues orders that Bond and Anya should be killed.\

Sandor – Milton Reid  The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

  Milton ReidMilton Reid 1

A small stocky man, Sandor is told to assist Jaws in eliminating anyone who comes into contact with the microfilm. Sandor waits for the opportune moment to assassinate Bond.

Francisco Scaramanga – Christopher Lee  The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

 Francisco ScaramangaFrancisco Scaramanga 1

The pre-title sequence sees Scaramanga taking it easy on his private island accompanied by Andrea Anders and servant Nick Nack. To keep his boss on top form (and steal his island!) Nick Nack arranges various mafia/assassin types to try and kill Scaramanga, something they always fail.

Nick Nack – Hervé Villechaize  The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

 Herve VillechaizeHerve Villechaize 1 

Nick Nack serves many purposes to meet the needs of Francisco Scaramanga. Nick Nack takes charge of the duel between Scaramanga and Bond, and the operation of the funhouse. After his boss is killed and Scaramanga’s island explodes around him, he stows away onScaramanga’s Junk, and makes one final attempt to kill Bond.

Baron Samedi – Geoffrey Holder  Live And Let Die (1973)

 Geoffrey HolderGeoffrey Holder 1 

Baron Samedi appears in a number of scenes throughout the film, but appears in earnest in the latter half. He rather creepily greets Bond and Solitaire, tellingDr Kananga they are heading towards the poppy fields using the flute transmitter. He later predicts Solitaires fate using the tarot cards; the high priestess, the moon, and death.

Tee Hee – Live And Let Die (1973)

 W HarrisW Harris 1 

Tee Hee is a classic Bond villain and is played purely for comic, but great effect in Live And Let Die. A larger than life character, Tee Hee sports a steel arm with deadly gripping hook after an encounter with a crocodile took his whole arm off.when Bond is taken to a farm owned by Kananga, but on this farm trespassers will be eaten. After Tee Hee gives Bond a guided tour of this crocodile and alligator haven, he maroons Bond on a small island in the middle of a lake of crocs.