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Villains in Pierce Brosnan Bond Movie

Villains in Pierce Brosnan Bond Movie 

Sir Gustav Graves – Toby Stephens  Die Another Day (2002)

Gustav Graves 1Gustav Graves 2 

Gustav Graves is that he was an orphan working in the diamond mines in Argentina. From there he discovered a large amount of diamonds in Iceland where he has made his fortune. In reality, Gustav Graves has no past other than that of his true identity Colonel Moon.  After an exciting fencing fight between Bond and Graves, Miranda steps in when it’s clear that neither men will give up. Graves then proceeds to invite Bond to Iceland to see the demonstration of Icarus.

Zao – Rick Yune  Die Another Day (2002)

ZaoZao 1 

Colonel Moon’s right-hand man, Zao appears to have a close relationship with his boss. when Bond visits Cuba at the gene therapy clinic. He confronts Zao in the middle of his gene therapy treatment, but Zao manages to escape from both Bond and Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson.

 Colonel Tan-Sun Moon – Will Yun Lee Die Another Day (2002)

Sun MoonSun Moon 1

General Moon sends his son, Colonel Moon, to study at Oxford and Harvard. General Moon much later tells Bond that his plan has backfired, since his son has become corrupted by the ideas and greed of the West. Colonel Moon meets Bond along with his fellow henchmen Zao, in their base for a diamond exchange after Bond replaces the identity of Moon’s original contact,Van Bierk.

Mr Kil – Lawrence Makoare  Die Another Day (2002)

 Mr Kil 1 Mr Kil

Mr Kil works as a security officer and bodyguard for Sir Gustav Graves. AfterZao catches Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson, she is strapped to a device containing lots of lasers. When Zao gives Mr Kil his gun to finish her, he tells Zao he would rather prefer to kill her using lasers.

Renard –  Robert Carlyle  The World Is Not Enough (1999)

 Renard Renard 1 

Victor Zokas, is a truly unique villain. With a bullet lodged in his brain after a failed assassination attempt by 009, Renard will eventually be killed as the bullet slowly works it way through his brain. Bond manages to kill Renard when he gets the rod ejected at high velocity straight into his chest.

 Elektra King  – Sophie Marceau  The World Is Not Enough (1999)

 Sophie MarceauSophie Marceau 1

She secretly collaborated with Renard to blow up her family’s oil pipeline, becoming Bond’s lover to throw off suspicion. When Renard publicly threatened to destroy the pipeline, however, she showed her true colors and kidnapped M, whom she blamed for her father’s betrayal in not paying her ransom years earlier.

Mr Bullion – Goldie The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Mr BullionMr Bullion 1

Working as a bodyguard for Zukovsky, Bull is in reality double-crossing him working for Elektra and Renard.When Bond visits Valentin Zukovsky at his casino he is confronted by Mr Bullion as his bodyguard.

Gabor – John Seru  The World Is Not Enough (1999)

 GaborGabor 1

Gabor is Elektra King’s personal bodyguard. His duties mean he follows Elektra around most places, usually saying very little. Gabor accompanies Elektra King when she visits the pipeline site that is under protest and also when Elektra goes skiing, although he doesn’t exit the helicopter. He also accompanies Elektra when they visit Valentin Zukovsky’s casino. Gabor is also present when M visits Baku and is informed about Renard’s plan to blow-up Elektra’s oil refinery.

 Stamper – Götz Otto Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

 Stamper 1 Stamper

Head of security for Elliot Carver, Stamper is a very menacing character, showing little mercy or rebuke whilst enjoying killing people in cold blood. Stamper is in charge of the initial stages of starting a war between England and China to create great ratings for Elliot Carver’s news group. After the stealth ship sinks the HMS Devonshire, Stamper mercilessly assassinates the remaining survivors in the water.

Elliot Carver – Jonathan Pryce  Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

 Elliot CarverElliot Carver 1

Elliot Carver is a world-renown obsessed media mogul who owns the Carver Media Group, with satellites worldwide providing a vast television network. Carver views a sequence filmed by Henry Gupta showing Bond talking to Paris. Carver decides to make an appointment for his wife with the deadly Dr Kaufman when he learns Paris has betrayed him.

 Alec Trevelyan –  Sean Bean Goldeneye (1995)

 Alec Trevelyan 1 Alec Trevelyan

Secret service agent 006, Bond regrets the death of his colleague when he believes General Ourumov has killed him. Alec and General Ourumov are in partnership. Alec explains to Bond his plan is to get revenge for the mistreatment of his Lienz Cossacks parents at the hands of the General Arkady Grigorovich.

Ourumov – Gottfried John Goldeneye (1995)

 General Arkady 1 General Arkady

General Ourumov is the former Soviet Colonel in charge of a Russian chemical weapons factory seen in the pre-title sequence. After ‘killing’ Alec, Ourumov accompanies Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp to the Severnaya Space Facility, where she murders all the staff (or so she thinks). Ourumov later reports to Dimitri Mishkin where he is informed that Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova, has escaped. He then arranges Boris Grishenko to meet and kidnap her.

Xenia Onatopp – Famke Janssen Goldeneye (1995)

Xenia OnatoppXenia Onatopp 1 

She and turncoat Russian General Arkady Ourumov use the hijacked Tiger in an attack on the Severnaya satellite control center in central Siberia, where they steal the controller for theGoldenEye electromagnetic pulse (EMP) satellite weapon. During the attack, she fires an AKSU-74 carbine/sub-machine gun around the control room, murdering all the military.

Boris Grishenko – Alan Cumming Goldeneye (1995)

 Boris Grishenko 1 Boris Grishenko 

Friendly with Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova whilst both working at the Severnaya Space Facility, Boris does nothing to warn his ‘friend’ of the incoming massacre from Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp and General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov. When Ourumov finds out that Natalya has survived, he gets Boris to use his friendship with Natalya to get her to meet him where he kidnaps her with the help of Xenia.