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Roger Moore – Cars

 Lotus Esprit – Esprit S1 (1976) The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) For the tenth Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, the producers wanted to out-do themselves and create the most spectacular film of the series. They equipped Bond with a white Lotus Esprit S1 in a chase sequence covering land, air and water. Bond drives off the edge of a peer. The Lotus transforms into a mini submarine, and the helicopter is quickly eliminated with a sea-to-air missile. Not giving up, the enemy brings on their underwater assault, with armed frogmen, underwater missiles and torpedo-equipped submarines.


Lotus Esprit Turbo – Essex Turbo (1981) For Your Eyes Only (1981) ollowing the well received appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me, Lotus returned for a second and final time in For Your Eyes Only, with an upgraded Lotus Esprit Turbo. Bond drives the Esprit to the hideout of Hector Gonzales, but when it comes time to escape, the car meets with an ill fate. One of Gonzale’s henchmen approaches the Lotus and–ignoring the “burglar protected” sticker–smashes the passenger window. Q’s self destruct system promptly kicks in, blowing the car and the henchman to pieces.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II – Silver Cloud II (1962) A View to a Kill (1985) This particular Rolls Royce has a long history within the Bond franchise; it was the personal car of James Bond producer Cubby Broccoli.Twenty years later it became the main Bond car in A View to a Kill, albeit with a different licence number.


Renault Taxi – Renault 11 (1985) A View to a Kill (1985) After henchwoman May Day parachutes off the top of the Eiffel Tower, Bond must act quickly to catch her. He commandeers a Renault taxi, and executes a few stunts to keep up the pace, driving up a ramp and across the roof of a bus to get through some heavy traffic. However, as he drives off the roof and back onto the street, he crashes into a stop barrier, slicing the roof of the Renault right off.


Zorin’s Blimp – Featured in A View To A Kill. The antagonist, Max Zorin, utilises two types of blimp: the first, a larger airship, is used for conferencing facilities. The second, a much smaller model, was intended to be used for Zorin to watch the destruction of Silicon Valley, but with that plan thwarted was a getaway vehicle that meets its end on the Golden Gate Bridge.


Little Nellie – (In 1966, two modified WA-116s ) Featured in You Only Live Twice. All the flying was done by Wallis with a WA-116 registered G-ARZB but an identical version.


1947 AEC Regent III RT246 – Featured in Live and Let Die. A double-decker bus which was used by Bond and Solitaire in their escape from Kananga. En route it becomes a single-decker bus thanks to an inconveniently placed low bridge.


Glastron Speedboats – Featured in Live and Let Die. During the exciting boat chase that dominates the later part of Live And Let Die, Bond uses various Glastron speedboats during the sequence that sees daring manoeuvres over land, through boats and most famously briefly flying through the air.


Car Plane – Featured in The Man with the Golden Gun. Based on a 1974 AMC Matador coupe, owned by Scaramanga. During a car chase with Bond, Scaramanga drives the Matador into a disused barn, which was housing the plane section (two wings and a jet engine). Scaramanga clamps the plane section onto the top of the Matador and uses it to fly away from Bond.


Wetbike – Featured in The Spy Who Loved Me. A hydrofoil “water motorcycle”, built by a unit of Minnesota-based Arctic Enterprises. Used by Bond to travel from the US Submarine to Stromberg’s Atlantis to save Triple X.


Gondola – Featured in Moonraker. While attacked on the canals of Venice, Bond escapes his assailants by using his gondola’s hidden self-propulsion system which also included a hovercraft function to leave the water.


Bajaj RE – Bajaj RE (1983)  Featured in Octopussy. The Bajaj RE is a model of auto rickshaw, also known as a Tuk Tuk taxi, that appeared in Octopussy. Bond tells Vijay “we’ve got company”, to which Vijay replies “No problem, this is a company car.”It is indeed a company car, outfitted with a powerful engine by Q-branch. Vijay quickly accelerates, bringing the taxi on its back two wheels in the process.


Acrostar Jet – Featured in Octopussy. The Acrostar was used to escape from a mission in the opening sequence. The wings and nosecone section of this plane fold up vertically while not in use allowing it to be stored in small compartments (in this case a horse trailer).


Citroën 2CV – 2CV (1981) For Your Eyes Only (1981) After his Lotus self-destructs, Bond is forced to escape in Melina Havelock’s car. To his despair, she drives a Citroën 2CV,The Citroën had to be fitted with a bigger engine to make it suitable for a tense chase scene. Even still, some segments of the scene were very obviously sped up, most noticeably during a backwards-forward stunt that the 2CV struggled to pull off.