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Pierce Brosnan – Cars

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish – V12 Vanquish (2002) Die Another Day (2002) As introduced by John Cleese, playing Q, “Aston Martin call it the Vanquish, we call it the Vanish.” Die Another Day put Bond in an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, complete with an invisibility cloak that has been widely quoted as the most ridiculous gadget in a James Bond film. Q notes that the Aston has all the usual refinements, including an ejector seat, torpedos, and target seeking shotguns mounted on the bonnet. The Aston features in an elaborate 7 minute chase sequence around Gustav Graves’ ice palace. It begins when a snowmobile crashes into the Vanquish when its invisibility cloak is activated, giving away Bond’s location. Henchman Zao gives chase in an equally gadget-filled Jaguar, using a thermal imaging screen to detect the Aston. Bond and Zao use rockets, machine guns, ejector seats and missiles in their cat-and-mouse chase.


Ford Fairlane – Fairlane (1957) Die Another Day (2002) After getting some valuable information from Havana MI6 agent Raoul, Bond asks to borrow a gun and a fast car. Perhaps as a joke, he is given a 1957 Ford Fairlane. Bond drives the Ford along a picturesque highway to his hotel, and the car isn’t used or seen again.


BMW Z8 – Z8 (1999) The World is Not Enough (1999) The World is Not Enough featured the BMW Z8, and was the end of a stream of product placements from BMW. Introduced to Bond by R, Q’s new assistant played by John Cleese, it appears as though they were running a little short on ideas. R mentions that the Z8 features titanium armor, a multi-tasking heads up display and six beverage cup holders, with no other gadgets mentioned.


BMW 750iL – 740iL, with 750iL badges (1997) Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) After teasing the unused gadgets of the Z3, BMW returned for Tomorrow Never Dies with the most impressive car gadgets of the decade. The BMW 750iL features bullet proof windows and body that can with stand being hit by a sledgehammer. The door handles can also be electrified, shocking any would-be thieves. The car can be driven by remote control via Bond’s special Ericsson Mobile Phone, complete with touchpad controls. Bond uses the phone to activate a tear gas attack, stunning the henchmen standing around his car. He then remotely drives the car around a corner, and jumps in through the rear window while the car is still in motion.

 BMW Z3 – Z3 (1995) Goldeneye (1995) oldeneye was the first film of the series to put Bond in a BMW. Q introduces the BMW Z3 in his laboratory after his assistants demonstrate the parachute breaking system. Q briefs Bond on the ejector seat, the all-points radar, and his personal favourite: stinger missiles housed behind the headlights.Goldeneye was the first of three back-to-back films in which Bond drove a BMW, before they were dropped in favour of Aston Martin.


Ferrari F355 GTS – Featured in Golden Eye. Xenia Onatopp playfully races James Bond in his Aston Martin DB5 by chance on the mountain roads behind Monte Carlo in this vehicle, which is later revealed to have false French registration plates, hinting that it may be stolen.


T-55 battle tank – Featured in GoldenEye. After General Ourumov kidnaps Natalya Simonova, Bond makes pursuit through the streets of St. Petersburg in this Russian Tank. In the great scene that follows Bond is seen driving over cars, through buildings and generally creating havoc!


Cagiva Motorcycle – Featured in GoldenEye. Bond steals this motorbike at the end of the pre-title sequence at the Arkangel facility in Russia. He uses the motorbike to accelerate down a runaway in pursuit of a pilot-less aeroplane, his only escape route.


Aero L-39 Albatros – Featured in Tomorrow Never Dies. Two are featured in the pre-titles sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond commandeers one in an attempt to evacuate a nuclear torpedo before a missile strike, the other pursues in an attempt to stop him.


Stealth Ship – Featured in Tomorrow Never Dies. The Stealth Ship is an almost undetectable ship owned by media mogul Elliot Carver.


Parahawks driven Featured in The World is Not Enough. These dangerous parahawks are snowmobiles attached to a parachute propelled through the air using a large propeller at the rear. Bond and Elektra are confronted by these flying machines when they go skiing.

Q Boat – Featured in The World is Not Enough. Was created by Q as a “fishing boat” for his retirement. Came with missiles and a GPS tracking system. It could also submerge although the pilot either needed to have his own breathing apparatus or surface quickly before he drowned. However, this feature wasn’t exactly finished when Bond took it which could account for why the pilot was exposed to the water using that function.


Ice Dragster – Featured in Die Another Day. After Bond arrives at the ice in Iceland, he sees Gustav Graves speeding along the ice in this dragster trying to beat his previous personal best time. Later in the film Bond uses the dragster to make his escape from the ice-palace narrowly avoiding the beam of Icarus chasing him along the ice, inadvertently breaking Graves’ own time, much to his disgust.


Jaguar XKR – Featured in Die Another Day.A convertible driven by Zao in Die Another Day, the car was extremely similar in almost every way to a James Bond automobile. The vehicle includes a gatling gun, thermal imaging capabilities, mortar bombs, rockets under the front grille, miniature missiles hidden in the door, and front ramming spikes.


Ford Thunderbird 2002  – Featured in Die Another Day. Featured in Die Another Day. Although only on screen for a short period of time, the vehicle was marketed as a Bond car. In fact Ford created a special “007 edition” of the car. In Bond spirit, only 700 were made. Jinx drives the 2002 Ford Thunderbird up to Graves ice palace. It’s unknown what type of gadgets, if any, were installed.


Colonel Moon’s Hovercrafts – Featured in Die Another Day. Owned by Colonel Moon, these hovercrafts provide the ideal way of cruising over the one million land mines left by the Americans in the demilitarised zone. They feature a mounted machine gun, flamethrower and also a depleted Uranium gun. Heavily armoured, Bond and Moon engage in a hovercraft chase in the pre-title sequence.


Switchblades – Featured in Die Another Day. The Switchblade is essentially a one-man glider shaped like a fighter jet. It features retractable wings that control the speed and trajectory of the craft. Fitted with the same material on a stealth bomber, the switchblade allows Bond and Jinx to enter North Korea undetected. The switchblade is based on a workable model called “PHASST” (Programmable High Altitude Single Soldier Transport).


BMW R1200 Motorcycle  – Featured in Tomorrow Never Dies.  In an extended chase sequence in the middle of Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond andWai Lin use this BMW R1200 Motorcycle to escape Elliott Carver’s pursuing henchmen.