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Home Theater – living room

Movie night is a terrific way to spend time together as a family. If your family room is already finished and furnished. Plus, it probably already has a good-size TV  and modest surround-sound system.

If not buy a reasonable size TV depend on the wall size. Also bookshelf speakers or  a sound bar and a modest receiver – some consider to buy home theater package which comes with Blu-ray player . Now you room may not look or feel much like a theater. But you might be able make few changes to get an authentic theater look.
livingroom theater

Wall –  Go with neutral color Blue or yellow flat finish

Seating – Rearrange the Furniture so that the TV is placed directly front of the couch.  Measure the distance between your seating position and the spot at which you’ll hang the screen

Decor- Decorative moldings, pillars and other theater-inspired details but don’t go crazy with it, you still need to use it as your living room.

Lighting – Decide which lamps or lights to turn off when you use the living room. use dimmers switch to control the lighting. if possible add some scone light for authentic theater look  or some rope lights.

Sound – To improve the acoustics add some Wall Panels

Exterior Light – Block exterior light with thick shades

Theater system -Select a home theater system you can integrate into your wireless network. These systems add online programming to the mix of entertainment options you can screen and enable you to access social media, look for and view streaming media.

home theater system

Some of the ideas will cost more than others but certainly changing the paint color and adding some fabric wall panels are not strain the budget .