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Gadgets in Roger Moore Bond Movie

Gadgets in Roger Moore  Bond Movie

Magnetic Rolex 1Magnetic Rolex - Live and Let Die (1973) Magnetic Rolex Rolex had two optional extras. Firstly at click of a button the watch turned into a highly intense electro-magnet. This could deflect the path of a bullet at long range, but more importantly could attract metal objects to the watch. End of the film Bond turns the face of the Rolex into a circular saw, allowing him to cut through his ties and escape with Solitaire.
EuropiccolaLa Pavoni Europiccola - Live and Let Die (1973) Europiccola
we get a rare tour in James Bond's own apartment. We can see a quite old fashioned interior with one cool gadget: the espresso machine.
Digital WatchDigital Watch - Live and Let Die (1973) Digital Watch Digital watch was a new innovation at the time of Live And Let Die. Bond uses it to see what the time is when he hears the doorbell ringing.
Shooting MirrorPoison Dart Shooting Mirror - Live and Let Die (1973) Housed within the right-hand mirror of Whisper's car, is a poisonous dart that he uses to shoot Bond's cab driver as he travels to meet Felix Leiter.
Lighter Communicator Cigarette Lighter Communicator - Live and Let Die (1973) This gadget is disguised as a harmless looking cigarette lighter, however it was actually a communications device. Bond uses this after he manages to escape from his first encounter with Mr Big.
Bug DetectorBug Detector - Live and Let Die (1973) Bond uses this bug detector to sweep his room for bugs when staying in a hotel apartment in San Monique. After a sweep he finds two bugs, one in a statue and one in the headboard of his bed, to which he disables them. Hairbrush Transmitter - Live and Let Die (1973) This hairbrush contained a built in transmitter that Bond uses to communicate with Quarrel Jr in Morse code whilst in his hotel apartment in San Monique.
Hang GliderHang Glider - Live and Let Die (1973) Hang Glider Hand-glider provides Bond his means of entry onto San Monique nearSolitaire's house. The hand-glider is suspended in the air by a rope that is connected to Quarrel Jr's boat below. When Bond is ready, he presses a button on the hand-glider that sets off an alarm on Quarrel's boat to notify him to release the connecting cable.
ScarecrowsDr Kananga's Scarecrows - Live and Let Die (1973) Scarecrows These scarecrows looked normal, but they contained a deadly secret. Installed to guard Dr Kananga's poppy fields, locals are scared of the evil spirits supposedly possessed within the scarecrows. A scarecrow kills Rosie Carver when she runs from Bond after he discovers her connections with Kananga.
Flute TransmitterFlute Transmitter - Live and Let Die (1973) Flute Transmitter Baron Samedi uses this flute to play a tune whilst Bond and Solitaire walk past. Once they are clear, Baron Samedi communicates with Dr Kananga that they are approaching the poppy fields so he can arrange a reception.
Air Gun 1Compressed Air Gun - Live and Let Die (1973) During an underwater fight Bond forces Kananga to swallow the compressed air 'bullet' that causes him to inflate and then explode.
AgitatorSolex Agitator - The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) This small device was the main element needed in a process to turn the power of the sun's rays into electricity.
Golden GunGolden Gun - The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) Most famous James Bond guns, the golden gun is the weapon of choice for Francisco Scaramanga. These were a ballpoint pen (the barrel), cigarette lighter (the chamber), cigarette case (the handle), cuff link (the trigger) and a bullet stored on Scaramanga's belt.Each component was made out of solid gold and could be assembled and disassembled within seconds.
Seiko 0674Seiko 0674 LC - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Seiko 0674

The Seiko 0674 5009 was used by Bond in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. 007 receives a ticker-tape message on the watch, telling him to report to MI6 Headquarters.
Ski Pole GunSki Pole Gun - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Ski Pole Gun As Bond is chased down a mountain with KGB agents firing at him, Bond decides to take action. He twists the top of the pole to reveal a trigger, and then turns around and shoots one of his attackers, Sergei Barsov, Major Anya Amasova's lover.
Microfilm ViewerMicrofilm Viewer - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Bond takes out a cigarette case and lighter from his pocket that converts into a microfilm viewer whilst he is on the boat to Cairo with Major Anya Amasova. He examines the microfilm containing the submarine tracking system without her knowing, only to find out that the necessary information has been removed.
Gas CigaretteSleeping Gas Cigarette -The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Gas Cigarette This perfectly innocent looking cigarette catches Bond off guard. Just as things are getting interesting between him and Anya, she pulls out a cigarette. Ever the gentleman, Bond reaches for his lighter, but when he looks back at Anya, she blows a couple of times on the cigarette sending a plume of sleeping gas in Bond's face, knocking him out.
Wrist Dart GunWrist Dart Gun - Moonraker (1979) This contraption was worn like a watch and was activated by nerve impluses from the users wrist. This then fired a dart either containing an armour piercing tip, or loaded with cyanide.
cigerette Safe CrackerCigarette Case Safe Cracker - Moonraker (1979) cigerette Safe Cracker Hidden inside an innocent looking cigarette case, this safe cracker used X-Ray's to see the inner workings of the safe. Bond uses this to break into the safe of Hugo Drax.
007 Camera007 Minature Camera - Moonraker (1979) 007 Camera Bond carries around this miniature, not so subtle camera in Moonraker with his number on it. After gaining access to the safe of Hugo Drax with the cigarette case safe cracker, Bond takes pictures of some plans inside using the camera.
Drax's GlobesDrax's Globes - Moonraker (1979) These glasses contain vials of deadly gas that is fatal to humans, but has no effect to plants or animals. Drax plans to fire these at the Earth to kill off the current human race, replacing it with a new 'master race' chosen personally by himself.
Exploding WatchExploding Watch - Moonraker (1979) Exploding Watch This watch contains a small circular pad of explosive hidden underneath the watch face. Bond removes the small explosive charge, and attaches it to the watch by means of a piton and small length of wire.
ATAC Communicator ATAC Communicator - For Your Eyes Only (1981) ATAC Communicator The ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) is a device that uses an ultra low frequency coded transmission to order submarines to launch ballistic missiles. Bond is sent to recover the ATAC after the British spy ship the St Georges sinks off the Albanian coast.
CrossbowMelina's Crossbow - For Your Eyes Only (1981) Melina Havelock uses this a number of times during the film, firstly to kill Hector Gonzales, who killed her parents.
Identigraph3D Identigraph - For Your Eyes Only (1981) This 3D Identigraph was still in the experimental phase when Q uses it to find a match of the man who paid Hector Gonzales. Bond tells Q descriptions about a suspects facial characteristics that once complete, the database could be checked for matches from files of the French Sûreté, Interpol, Mossad, CIA and the West German Police.
Tape RecorderMiniature Tape Recorder - For Your Eyes Only (1981) This tape recorder is small enough to fit underneath a candle in a glass jar. Whilst in a restaurant, Kristatos and Bond have dinner, unknown to them Milos Columbo is taping their conversation.
Diving EquipmentDiving Equipment - For Your Eyes Only (1981) This  diving suit allowed the wearer to conduct work at deep depths much easier than a diver could. Bond encounters one of Aris Kristatos' men wearing JIM diving equipment during their recovery of the ATAC using theNeptune. Bond plants an explosive charge on the back of the suit and manages to escape just in time before it explodes.
Seiko WristwatchSeiko Wristwatch - For Your Eyes Only (1981) The watch also had the feature of being a radio. This is used at the very end of the film when Q, Sir Frederick Gray and Bill Tanner are trying to get in contact with Bond.
binoculars cameraTasco 7800 binoculars camera - For Your Eyes Only (1981)
James Bond (Roger Moore) uses a pair of Tasco 7800 binoculars to spy on hitman Hector Gonzales' villa in Spain.
Listening DeviceMiniature Homing Listening Device - Octopussy (1983) Q delicates places a extremely sensitive homing device inside the Fabergé egg, that allows Bond to track the egg during the film using the homing receiver watch.
Fountain PenFountain Pen - Octopussy (1983) Fountain Pen Q gives Bond this 18 carat gold fountain pen which was not all it seemed. Containing a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acid, Q assures Bond this will dissolve all metals.
Display WatchLiquid Crystal Display Watch - Octopussy (1983) Display Watch This was a state-of-the-art Liquid Crystal TV watch. Q provides Bond with this watch in his lab. Bond uses the watch twice, once in Q's lab to admire one of Q's female assistants, and with help from Q's hot air balloon above Kamal Khan's palace, Q sees Kamal and Octopussy leaving the palace through a hidden escape route.
Fake Crocodile CraftFake Crocodile Craft - Octopussy (1983) Fake Crocodile Craft Bond uses this rather unique gadget to approach and leave Octopussy's floating palace undetected. This craft shaped to look identical to a crocodile, provides an ingenious way to travel through water when stealth was required.
Cane TransmitterCane Transmitter - A View to a Kill (1985) Cane Transmitter This small transmitter was small enough to fit into a jockey's whip or a cane.Bond and Sir Godfrey Tibbett realise the reason why Max Zorin has been managing to win all his races recently, after they investigate Zorin's underground laboratory.
Electronic ShaverElectronic Shaver Bug Detector - A View to a Kill (1985) Electronic Shaver Tibbett uses this bug detector disguised as a shaver to scour the room. Eventually Tibbett finds a bug hidden within the lamp on the bedside table. Bond then places the tape recorder next to the lamp and plays the pre-recorded tape, fooling Scarpine for a number of hours. Philips 660 Voice Recorder .
Polarizing SunglassesPolarizing Sunglasses - A View to a Kill (1985)
Bond uses these sunglasses during Max Zorin's after-sales party. He walks over to the window of Zorin's study and uses the glasses to see through the tinted window. He spots Zorin giving Stacey Sutton a cheque and decides to investigate further.
Cheque CopierCheque Copier - A View to a Kill (1985) Cheque Copier After Bond gains entry to Max Zorin's office, he finds his chequebook locked in a draw. He then finds Zorin's cheque stubs empty, so by placing the copier over the cheque book he is able to get an imprint of the previous cheque. Bond is then able to identify the woman he saw arriving in the helicopter as Stacey Sutton (only known as S Sutton at this time), with a cheque value of $5 million US dollars.
Ring cameraRing camera - A View to a Kill (1985) Ring camera After the sales at Max Zorin's château, Bond joins Zorin's party where he makes small talk with of number of Zorin's guests. At the opportune moment, he uses the ring to slyly take their picture. Bond meets with CIA agent Chuck Lee later in the film, where Lee shows Bond the photographs and information about the people in question.
Computer & Camera Zorin's Computer & Camera - A View to a Kill (1985) Computer & Camera Zorin attempts to establish Bond's true identity. Using a secret camera hidden behind a piece of one-way glass, Zorin takes a photo of Bond. With little searching the computer reveals his suspect's name; James Bond 007, armed and extremely dangerous, a point that Zorin finds laughable.
Credit Card Sized Lock PickCredit Card Sized Lock Pick - A View to a Kill (1985) Credit Card Sized Lock Pick Bond uses this lock pick to gain entry to Stacey Sutton's house. Bond slides the card up to the lock on the window, and after a couple of seconds the window is unlocked.
Snooper Snooper - A View to a Kill (1985) Snooper This unusual device is introduced early in the film when Bond receives his briefing from M. This remotely controlled robot uses video cameras (as eyes) and microphones to survey locations that are inaccessible to humans, or to operate stealth (!) surveillance missions. Snooper is only used at the end of the film where Q explores Stacey Sutton's house looking for Bond, controlling Snooper from a van outside.
Barryvox AutophonBarryvox Autophon VS 68 (Microchip Tracker) - A View to a Kill (1985)
James Bond’s (Roger Moore) tracking device from the opening sequence of the movie A View to a Kill (1985) is an Autophon VS 68. The Autophon is used by Bond in Siberia to track down the body of MI6 agent 003 in the snow and recover the microchip.