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Daniel Craig – Cars

Aston Martin DB10 – Spectre (2015) It contained several gadgets including flamethrowers, built in machine guns, an HUD Target Lock, and a driver ejector seat (the gadget also used in the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger).After infiltrating a SPECTRE meeting held at the Palazzo Cardenza, Bond escapes through a window. Shot at by the organisation’s many members, he hops into his bullet-proof Aston Martin DB10.

Jaguar C-X75 – Featured in Spectre – Aston and Jag are set to go head-to-head again, with the latest 007 movie,SPECTRE, featuring a high-speed chase in which the villain of the piece, Mr Hinx, pursues Bond’s DB10 through the streets of Rome in a Jaguar C-X75


MBB Bo105 helicopter  – Featured in Skyfall. Open with a great action scene. In ‘SPECTRE (helicopter was also used in the pre-title sequence for A View To A Kill ) – 007 is on a mission in Mexico City during The Day of the Dead.  Bond then sets off in hot pursuit of Marco, who’s attempting to lose his chaser in the thick of the parade. A helicopter lands in Zocalo Square soon after Marco calls for backup. Bursting forth from the crowd, Marco sprints for the chopper, but Bond is close on his tail. The two latch on to the aircraft as it lifts off, attempting to knock the other off


Cessna – Caravan Private Jet Featured in SPECTRE. Plane crash sequence when he said the footage shot in Austria would include one of the movie’s major action moments.


Aston Martin DBS V12 – DBS V12 (2006) Casino Royale (2006) Quantum of Solace (2008) Casino Royale was the big reboot of the series, to give James Bond a more serious tone. Daniel Craig came equipped with the latest Aston Martin DBS V12, but the gadgets were minimal and realistic. There were two hidden trays housing a defibrillator and a silenced Walther PPK, contrasting the ridiculous gadgets of the prior film. The name ‘DBS’ was recycled from a discontinued model from the late sixties, which Bond had driven in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.When Bond drives over the hill at speed, he spots Vesper, and swerves to avoid her, resulting in a world record breaking series of 7 flips in an intense crash that leaves Bond unconscious and in the hands of the enemy.


Douglas DC-3-313 – Featured in Quantum of Solace. An old passenger aircraft Bond exchanges for a 2008 Land-Rover Range Rover Sport. It was used to investigate Quantum’s activity in the Bolivian desert and was shot down during a skirmish with an Aermacchi SF 260 plane.


CRF250R – Featured in Skyfall. Opened with a great action scene. In ‘Skyfall,’ Bond finds himself in Istanbul, Turkey forced to chase after a henchman who has just taken off on a stolen police motorcycle. 007 commandeers a bike of his own from a nearby merchant and gives chase. Both riders are piloting Honda CRF250R’s, modified to perform through the streets and on the rooftops of the city.