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Guns of the James Bond Films

Bond Guns

Fleming’s career as a novelist began after World War II, and his creation of James Bond was based in part on his real-life exploits as a special operative. Fleming was a lieutenant commander and later commander in British Naval Intelligence, as was his literary alter ego Commander James Bond. Fleming carried a Beretta during the…

James Bond’s Drinks

Bond Drinks

“Shaken, not stirred“ is a catchphrase  in Dr. No (1958), where his exact words are “shaken and not stirred”. In the film adaptations of Fleming’s novels, the phrase is first uttered by the villain Dr. Julius No when he offers the drink in Dr. No (1962), and it is not uttered by Bond himself (played…

Gadgets in Bond Movie

Bond Gadget

Gadgets in Bond Movie One of the main ingredients of James Bond movies are the theme song m bond girls and Gadgets. Q branch provides the top of the art equipments for bond  to escape out of impossible situation. The movie Gold finger had good success encouraged to provide more gadgets. Each film where Q would…