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golden gunGolden Gun prop
Man with the Golden Gun, three Golden Gun props were made; a solid piece, one that could be fired with a cap and one that could be assembled and disassembled, although Christopher Lee said that the process "was extremely difficult." The gun was "one of the more memorable props in the Bond series" and consisted of an interlocking fountain pen (the barrel), cigarette lighter (the bullet chamber), cigarette case (the handle) and cufflink (the trigger) with the bullet secured in Scaramanga's belt buckle. The gun was to take a single 23-carat gold bullet produced by the Macau-based gunsmith,
Firearms are of no use underwater. Spearguns are naturally favored by Emilio Largo and his frogmen. Coastguard frogmen carry smaller spearguns to confront them in the underwater battle in the climax. In Thunderball Bond (Sean Connery) kills Vargas with one, and Domino Derval shoots a spear in Largo's back with one to avenge her brother.
AF2011 Dueller PrismaticAF2011 Dueller Prismatic
The Arsenal Firearms 2011 Dueller Prismatic is the very first industrial double-barrelled semi-automatic pistol in history. Spectre is the very first film to feature the pistol.
It is the main sidearm of Mr. Hinx. He uses it during the chase in Sölden, blasting holes in the plane Bond (Daniel Craig) is chasing him in. Hinx also holds Madeleine Swann at gunpoint with it inside his Ranger Rover.
Smith & Wesson 669Smith & Wesson 669
In World Is Not Enough, Giulietta da Vinci carries a Smith & Wesson 669 during the pre-titles chase on the Thames in London and uses it after ditching her boat to hijack a hot air balloon near the Millenium Dome. She eventually commits suicide with it by shooting the fuel tanks out of fear of Renard, causing Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to fall on the roof of the Dome.
Taurus PT92Taurus PT92
During the pre-credits sequence, Felix Leiter gives Bond (Timothy Dalton) a Taurus PT92 "just in case" as they are about to arrest drug baron Franz Sanchez. Bond uses it during the shootout against Sanchez's henchmen and shoots their Jeep's left front tire.
Llama Model XVIIILlama Model XVIII
In Russia with Love, Red Grant pulls a Spanish Llama Model XVIII.25 calibre pistol from an ankle holster and holds Bond (Sean Connery) at gunpoint with it on the Orient Express.
Browning Hi-PowerBrowning Hi-Power
In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Blofeld carries a Browning Hi-Power 9x19mm and fires it at Bond (George Lazenby) during the bobsled chase in the climax of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Smith & Wesson Model 10 HBSmith-Wesson-Model-10
When Bond (Pierce Brosnan) arrives in Havana, he meets with Raoul to find Zao. During their initial conversation, one of Raoul's men is carrying a Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB revolver. In the next scene, Raoul gives Bond the revolver, which he then uses when he infiltrates the gene therapy clinic in pursuit of Zao.
Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB
In Die Another Day, During the ensuing scuffle, Zao manages to get ahold of the revolver, but loses it when an MRI machine is switched on by Bond and yanks it out of his hand, allowing Bond to recover it once the machine is turned back off.
Olympic Arms K23B TacticalOlympic Arms K23B Tactical
In Skyfall, during the chase, Bond is shot in the shoulder, but continues his pursuit, until he is shot from a train by Eve, who misjudged her shot. He is posted as "presumed dead" but survived actually, starting to live a life far from his duties, a life filled with sex and alcohol on the beaches of Fethiye.