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Bond movie Submechine Guns

H&KUMP9WSuppressorHK UMP-9
One of the finest James Bond moments is the last scene in Casino Royale, where Bond becomes... Bond. He ruthlessly shoots Mr. White in the leg, and utters the famous words "Bond. James Bond".
The unusual weapon of choice for this moment is nothing less than a HK UMP-9, a black, lightweight submachine gun. Bond uses a UMP with a silencer and a curved magazine.
In the opening sequence during the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, Bond (Daniel Craig) (Spectre) carries a Glock 17 in a FAB Defense KPOS Carbine Conversion kit. He uses it to kill Marco Sciarra's accomplices and cause Sciarra's bomb to explode prematurely.
Submachine Guns 1Submachine Guns
The Sterling L2A3 9×19mm Parabellum is the first automatic weapon / submachine gun used by Bond in the film series, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. In the climax, Bond (George Lazenby) storms Piz Gloria with the help of Marc-Ange Draco's private army to rescue Tracy and stop Blofeld.
Bond (Roger Moore) uses a Sterling once again in The Spy Who Loved Me, when he frees and leads the British, Soviet and American submarine officers and crewmembers into the Liparus' armory, where the sailors arm themselves with some of these guns, M16 assault rifles and grenades and battle Karl Stromberg's army in the giant tanker's submarines dock area. It is also used by many of Stromberg's men.
Ingram MAC-10Ingram MAC-10
Bond (Pierce Brosnan) uses a .45 ACP MAC-10 fitted with a muzzle shroud when he shoots his way out of Colonel Tan-Sun Moon's military base and in the following hovercraft chase in the pre-credits scene.
He first uses while driving a hovercraft to shoot out the controls on the base's concrete gate, causing it to slam shut behind him and destroy a pursuing hovercraft, then to set off landmines to destroy two more hovercrafts, then finally to kill the driver of Colonel Moon's hovercraft.