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Bond Girls – Roger Moore

Fiona Fullerton – A View To a Kill (1985) Pola Ivanova was a KGB agent working for General Gogol. She recorded incriminating evidence of Max Zorin, and escaped with a tape of it. Bond had followed her, and a struggle ensued, until they both realized that they knew one another from a prior mission.


Grace Jones – A View To a Kill (1985) May Day was the girlfriend of Max Zorin, and also worked for him as an assassin.May Day killed Bond’s chauffeur, and tried to kill Bond on several occasions. Much later in the film, May Day realized that she had been double crossed by Zorin, who had left her to die in an explosion that would cause a flood in silicon valley.


Tanya Roberts – A View To a Kill (1985) Stacey Sutton inherited the Sutton Oil company, which megalomaniac Max Zorin tried to take over. Zorin offered Sutton $5 million for her shares in the company, which she refused. Bond learnt of the cheque and confronted her at her home. Stacey was initially aggressive, pointing a shotgun at Bond. However, when some of Zorin’s henchmen arrived to persuade Stacey to sell, Bond sorted them out and gained Stacey’s trust.


Kristina Wayborn – Octopussy (1983) Magda was the right-hand woman of Octopussy, and assisted her smuggling partner Kamal Khan on many occasions throughout the film. After attending an auction in which Bond stole a Fabegé egg, Magda was sent to sleep with Bond so that she could steal it back.


Maud Adams – Octopussy (1983) Octopussy ran an all-women floating island, the girls of which were acrobats for a circus that was a front for a jewellery smuggling operation. She was a partner in crime with Kamal Khan, who stole the jewellery for himself and tried to kill Octopussy.