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Aston Martin DB11 – James Bond’s supercar is yours for £155,000

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Aston Martin’s all new DB11 — the car designed to replace the beautiful, if now venerable DB9. If you’ve spent any time looking at a DB9, you’ll know what big shoes the DB11 has to fill in terms of looks.It follows on from the limited edition DB10 driven by Daniel Craig as Bond in Spectre. Only ten of those were made, all for the movie, and none went on sale.More of that in a minute, because first it’s worth taking in a few specs. While Aston’s Italian opposition (namely Ferrari) has experienced a spiralling of prices recently, it’s worth noting that the new DB11 kicks off at just £154K. Bit of a bargain, considering it’s packing a 600bhp V12. The hawk-eyed however, will note that in the world of hypercars, 600bhp isn’t actually that huge an amount of power these days, which is perhaps why the 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds sounds ever so slightly disappointing. We’re talking about contextual shades of grey here however – the DB11 is, in every normal sense, stupidly fast enough to leave you both shaken and stirred.We think it’ll be more than fast enough for most. It’s just that a Porsche 911 Carrera S will do the run in the same time. Nonetheless, Aston’s V12 is all-new and features twin-turbo chargers.

Inside, the DB11 features four seats, although adults won’t want to travel in the back. Well, you might, just to say you’ve been in a DB11. There’s some unusual, stunningly finished leather too, and some — very Lamborghini-like — chopped-forged carbon finishes for the door and instrument panel. Featuring content from